What are your towing rates?

Rates are based on the service needed for your vehicle, location, and the time of service. Please contact us for a quote. 

Are auto body estimates free?

Yes, all auto body estimates are free. No appointment is needed during office hours. A written estimate will be provided after a complete inspection.

Will my auto insurance reimburse me for the towing charges?

Your insurance company should reimburse you if you have towing and roadside assistance coverage. Check with your insurance company first for details.

Do I have to be with my vehicle to receive service?

As long as arrangements have been made with us first, there is no need to stay with your vehicle until we arrive. If you choose to leave, make sure you are out of traffic while exiting your vehicle. Make sure to take your personal belongings with you. You do not want to risk having them stolen or damaged. 

What should I do while waiting for the tow truck to arrive?

If you choose to stay with your vehicle until we arrive, it is best to stay inside the vehicle where it is safe. Turn on your hazard lights, to warn other vehicles to slow down. 

Accident Action Plan

Download and print our Accident Action Plan to help answer questions you may have if you're ever in an auto accident.

Discuss this plan with your family and place in the glove boxes of all your vehicles.

AccidentActionPlan (pdf)